I need to teach you one expression in Spanish that I find it really cute = ‘acabar de llegar’.
‘Acabar de llegar’ literally means ‘finished arriving’ or ‘finished coming’. You would use it once you have just arrived at your destination. Like if ‘arriving’ was such a huge process! I find it cute that this expression takes the ‘coming’ or ‘arriving’ moment to a different dimension.
Imagine there was an expression like this in English… And you would say to your mom on the phone – ‘Hi mom, I am in the hostel, just finished arriving to Panama City’
I observed that people would more often use ‘acabar de llegar’ than ‘venir’ (came) or ‘llegar’ (arrived) on their own. It’s a funny little expression, what do you think?
P.S. I would also like to inform #translategoogle about the possible mistranslation. ‘End of reach’ is not an accurate one. Gracias!