Hey guys!

It’s been few rainy days over here in Puerto Rico. I am staying in the Old San Juan, really beautiful!

So after speaking to several people in the marina, it looks like finding a boat from here, going to any other island and especially to Dominican would be VERY difficult, I could almost say impossible. The only way would be going to a city on the east coast called Fajardo and catching a boat going south towards the small Caribbean islands, which is not what I’m looking for. I found out a lot of information speaking to an old man called Miguel who spends most of his days sitting on his chair and observing the marina. He knows what boats are coming in and knows where they are going. I also met a Russian guy in the harbour who offered to take me to Venezuela but that could only be in March as until then his boat will be chartered.

Apart from that, I created a profile on findacrew.net and had few replies over there.
1) a French guy who is going to Belize, which is about 8-10 days sailing, but the 2 of us would be alone on the boat so that’s a no + he is leaving from the Virgin Islands so I would have to get there somehow.
2) a guy who would be going sailing exactly the route I want – towards Dominican, Cuba, etc. but is only leaving in January
3) a Greek guy who is leaving from Panama – don’t know when and where he is going
4) a Persian guy but he is now in Cape Verde so it will take several weeks till he gets here

The day I arrived at Eddie’s place I met a girl named Lital who wanted to get a ferry to Dominican Rep, but imagine this – the ferry burned down! So she had to buy a flight to get there, that costed her about $160. Yesterday I also spoke to a German girl, who just like me, wanted to hitchhike boats in the Caribbean but wasn’t successful so she is flying to Jamaica, flight she bought for $200.

Having that in mind, I needed to find another way of travelling. Flying from one island to another does not particularly interest me – that’s not what I wanted to do. So getting on the mainland is the best thing I can do, from there travelling should be easier with public transportation. The cheapest flight I found was Cancun so MEXICO here I come!! I still have 4 days to spent in Puerto Rico.

and a reply I received today:
5) a Belgian guy who is leaving from Martinique towards Cuba, he plans to stay the whole January in Cuba and then cross the Panama Canal and go towards Galapagos and Marquesas. He is now in Saint Vincent so will take him a while till he gets here. I am more interested in maybe sailing with him to the Galapagos. Waiting on his reply.