My life is amazing. This year everything works out perfectly for me. It feels like the universe wrote an ideal script for me and I just need to play my part. And of course I am the main star, living the dream. I started 2018 with 6 weeks in Costa Rica, getting sponsored to be a volunteer in an indigenous community. Six weeks, which I thought at the beginning would be a terribly long time, passed way too quickly. Last day, everyone cried like babies and the goodbyes were heart-breaking. Right now I am on a paradise island in Panama, and by the end of March I will be in Colombia, from where I will sail to Jamaica and then The Bahamas! Can you believe? Because I still can’t believe how lucky I am and how everything is perfectly lining up for me. And if it’s a dream, I hope I never wake up.

I am now in Los Secretos Guesthouse, on Bastimentos island in Panama. I came here last year and spent 3 weeks working as a volunteer. I fell in love with the place and the owners – Xav & Doro, are like family to me. And you know what, it feels like home. There are very few places where I feel this way. Last year when I was leaving, Dorothee told me ‘I have a feeling that you will come back’. She was right.

I couldn’t be more grateful! I just love my life. I am sending you all the positive vibes! <3

You can’t go wrong trusting in the universe.