Hello from Mexico!

I am in love with Mexico! The Mayan Riviera is full of beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise water. The food is cheap and delicious, if I get fat don’t judge me 馃槂 Everyday I am experiencing something new, I take so many amazing photos, it’s even hard to share them all! In the 2 weeks I am travelling I  already swam with turtles, danced salsa, dived in a cave, slided down a river, swam in bioluminescent bay, held a chicken in the cockfighting arena, snorkelled in cenote, rode a bike, drank beer with tomato juice, saw drugs made in front of my eyes, saw iguanas, rode a scooter, or even saw crocodiles in the lagoon. Not too mention all the food I tried. All in 2 weeks.

I meet great people with whom I share stories and experiences, we have loads of fun but we also talk about serious things in life. Every moment of this travel is so intense that it makes me even want more, it’s so addictive. I know already that there is so much more to life than what I left back home.

Because there is so much happening around me, it is very hard to keep the blog updated. Its also hard for me to decide what kind of blog I want it to be. Do I want to talk about places I visit and local people and culture. Or do I want to tell you about the people I meet, people who are also travelling like me, doesnt matter if its for 1 week holidays or whether they are on a longer journey. All of them left something behind, there were different paths that led them to the moment in which they are now. They went through experiences that are same for all of us – they lost a job, they ended a long term relationship or they are looking for a new adventure. Its amazing how two different people meet in a foreign country and they share such deep stories. Being away from home and from all the problems, makes it easier. Also the fact that we dont know each other too well, makes it easier to open up. Ita more honest. If someone tells me something about their friends, or a girlfriend, they know its safe with me as i cant pass it to anyone they know. If they ask me for opinion, i will give one that is true and not biased. Its so beautiful how people share stories. It probably is only possible when your travelling solo. Otherwise its a dofferent experience Sometimes you just go to cenote, and someone starts a conversation. Few hours later you end up in a car together, drive to a beach, and spend a nice day together. And it all starts with a smile- you just smile back amd thats how you start another journey. Smile is powerful. If you dont smile back- everything stays the same. And smiling back- might change your life immensely!

The experiences are so strong that they touch my feelings in a big way. Leaving Puerto Rico I had tears in my eyes, I was so thankful to my host Eddie for what he showed to me. Now im sad after saying goodbye to someone who yesterday was just a stranger but now is a friend and leaves nice memories in my heart. This feelings are so real. And no, dont get my wrong, its not affection or love or the feeling of being attracted to someone. It is a feeling of being grateful to have met that person. Thankful that you could share those few hours together despite the fact that maybe you will never see each other. Its so amazing that you meet a stranger but then this person becomes your friend and you know you can count on him and you want to make them feel that he can count on you. Whatever happens in life, I know that the memory of those few hours shared will never go away. This feeling is so powerful and makes me really so emotional. And trust me, i never knew i have so many emotions in me. Its just so intense. You know youre meeting so many people on your road but every single one of them is special. Because they are special. You are special. And yeah, i am special too 馃槈

Remember this my lovely people. In real everyday life we forget about this

Okay, also, instead if writing posts, maybe my blog should include more photos and videos? Maybe that form is better to share my experiences? At the moment im not entirely sure how i want it to look like, especially having a fb page where its so much easier and quicker to post a photo and write few words. I think with time i will get more clear on how i want to do all this. I also need a balance. There is so much happening that its hard to write it all up. Its hard to so it daily when youre on the go. So forgive me if you didn’t find what youre looking for on this page. I promise it will get better.

At the moment I just want to shout to you all – GO TRAVEL THE WORLD! Don’t wait till you’re old and miserable.

I love you all! Peace and love!