After 2.5 months, I am finally leaving Chicago and flying back to Europe.

After 4 flights and about 6 days I will finally get to Edinburgh where I will stay the whole month of August working at the world’s largest arts festival (read here).

I arrived here on 4th May straight from Bahamas, buying the ticket just 4 hours before the actual flight. And for one time in my life I ended up paying a fortune for this ticket.

If you know me at least a bit, you know that I always fly cheap, no matter what, and I really mean ALWAYS. Two years ago I flew from London to Puerto Rico (9 hours flight) and paid the same amount of money ($230) as I paid on 4th May flying ONLY from Bahamas to Florida – 1 HOUR FLIGHT !! Not to mention the fact that I had to pay another $100 to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago.

All in all, this was EXTREMELY expensive for me.

However, at that moment I just really wanted to arrive in a place where I could have a bit more stability, my own corner, and just catch up on normal. Especially taking into consideration that I spent the past 1.5 months on a boat floating around the Caribbean. Why Chicago? My parents live here, and I had a plan to visit them at some point, and I also wanted to join them on a road trip through Nevada, Arizona and Utah in some few weeks.

So, on 4th May, I woke up on a katamaran worth 1.5 million dollars. It’s been 10 days since I arrived to Bahamas to visit my friend Javi. Javi works as a captain of that luxurious boat, whose owner ruined its beauty with a devastating name ‘Door Prize’. Longing for a bit of winding-down (I have started this trip in January) I left aside the adventurous option of hanging around The Bahamas and attempting to catch a boat to Florida. I just bought the flight cause it felt something I gotta do. In that moment, if a bank account had feelings, mine would definitely be crying in despair but oh well, what to do.

The real plan for Chicago was to stay till end of June, as I was then supposed to go to Romania for a 5 week long project. In the end I resigned from the project and stayed here until now. Even though I really wanted to do this project, somewhere inside I just felt that staying here is the ‘more right’ thing to do. Maybe I haven’t been up to much all this time I spent here, but for sure I had figured out more things about myself in those 2.5 months than in the past 2 years. Those realisations are priceless, and I wouldn’t have figured all that out if I went to Romania.


What’s the conclusion? – Listen to your heart, it knows what you need. The Universe will always attract what is good for you.