Being 1.5 years without a job I realised I drifted away from being ‘normal’. Today in Los Secretos during dinner I spoke to a couple from The Netherlands, who are my age and are guests here. They said they would love to have a dog but cannot have one because they have a full time job. The way they said ‘full time’ sounded like the job really takes the ‘full time’ from their lives and leaves no space for anything else. They cannot afford all those happy moments, cuddles and laughs and joys of having a pet because of a job. When I hear something like this it sounds to me like an absurd. Like the job dictates their lives, like they need to make everything else to fit around it.
I never want to be like that.
The girl also complained that she has only 20 days of holidays and that if she wants extra days off, she needs to pay for them. What she really meant is that the company doesn’t pay her. I think it’s not a bad option if you are allowed to take more days off, even if they are not paid, I would be happy.
What I realised is that my way of looking at life changed dramatically and I started treating the normal people as if they belonged to a completely different category. I see people who give up their happiness for pursuing money and going to boring jobs, then coming back home too tired to do things that really give them pleasure. I look at them and feel that me and them have nothing in common. I feel like all those people are still trapped in the boxes they created around themselves, and I got out of my box and can see a whole different world out there.

Then I saw this video. I guess it perfectly summarises my point.


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