Do you hate Mondays? IMG_20160613_201604.jpgI think I might actually start to like them. Reason is simple – from next week, Monday will be no different to me than Friday – it will just be a name. It will be a day like any other, unforeseen, unplanned, and just like a sheet of paper – empty first but soon starting to get filled with stories of new adventures.

I hate saying that I’m different than other people. I am not. There is plenty of other people like me, who quit their jobs in order to pursue whatever is important to them, their dreams. And they do that despite the fact that everyone around them keeps saying that this is a stupid move to quit such a good job with such good opportunities and such good salary. Bullshit. Don’t listen to them. Your dreams can’t wait. If there is anything to life, it is fulfilling your dreams. If you live your life without making any of them come true, would your life be complete? I don’t think so. I think you are wasting your life if you’re not pursuing what’s inside you. And, don’t forget – you might be dead in 6 months time. What would you do if you knew you won’t live forever? I tell you one thing – you won’t live forever. So stop listening to 90% of society who tell you some bullshit. Whatever your heart tells you is what you should care about.

Money. Take money out of the equation and you will see the world differently. Life isn’t about the money. Of course, money makes life so much easier, so much more accessible. But don’t forget that it also makes it harder to see what’s really important for you. Some people get trapped in a vicious circle, they earn more, they spend more, they need to earn more, and they spend more, etc. Soon they end up surrounding themselves with people who care about the car they drive and the clothes they wear, not about who they trully are.  I haven’t heard a story of anyone on a deathbed saying they regret they didn’t earn more money, or that they wish they could have worked more. Learn a lesson from this and think – if you were to die tomorrow, what is the thing you would regret not doing or trying? Once you answer this question, you need to start doing everything to make it happen. That’s what you gotta do.

And how do you quit your job? Easy – write a letter and say you are leaving.

Countdown: 4 days to go until I become a miserable, unemployed, poor, and unhappy girl, who has nothing else to do but pursue her biggest dream. So sad.